I remember growing up and playing sports. The sport changed with the seasons. Baseball in the summer, football in the fall and hockey in the winter. In High School, it was not unusual to see friends with three sport badges ironed onto their jackets. It was a show of pride.

Today, the game has definitely changed. Sports are serious business. Typically, kids play one sport. Full dedication is required year round. Private coaching lessons are a must and in the off season the travel leagues kick in. If you have children, you know exactly what I mean. When my son was playing baseball, my wife and I prayed that they would lose as it was August and they were still playing baseball. The season started in January! To this day, I can’t look at a hot dog as that was all I ate at the ball field.

But, it wasn’t only baseball lessons. Swim, golf, ski, football, volleyball, piano, wake boarding, snow boarding and violin lessons come to mind for my two kids. I see this in so many parents. The question I find puzzling is that so few of the parents have ever gotten a coach for themselves! The people who pay for the kids. The people who have to earn a living to make the money. We can all get better. We can all use a coach. So why do we tell our children they need private lessons but we don’t take our own advice? How can we be the best Advisors if we don’t hone our skills?

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