Top 5 Leadership Traits From Millennials


Top 5 Leadership Traits from Millennials By Jon Mertz on April 16, 2014 in Millennial Leadership 15 For the past several months, we have been interviewing Millennial leaders to highlight their work and gain their insights. Molly Page has told their stories well in our Millennial Momentum series, and many have good stories to tell. A great match. One that we intend to continue. As I read through each story again, key traits emerged in what makes their leadership work. Five leadership traits pop to the top. More will develop over time, so this is a snapshot. Leadership Across Generations Leadership [...]

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Happy Holidays


The entire Advisors Ahead Family wishes you, your families and loved ones the happiest and safest Holidays.

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Being More Than A Parimeter Player


Dec 10 Posted by Tim Mushey Tim uses a sports analogy to relate to sales. While Advisors Ahead believes in learning through observation vs. learning by making mistakes, we all sell to some extent regardless of what business or profession we are in. I have stated that winners are willing to do what others are not willing to do. It might be working longer hours, going above and beyond to service clients, making that extra call or appointment, etc., Many times its just about focus and not the hours. Truly being present while at work or with others. Avoiding distractions by [...]

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The Truth About Millennials


New Data Tells Surprising Truth about Millennials December 18, 2014 HR and Recruiting Interesting facts from our friends at Cangrade Most employers say that competing for talent is one of their greatest challenges. Employers that want to remain competitive will need to meet the requirements of rapidly shifting demographics in the workforce. In this post, we crunch the numbers from a recent large-scale study including more than 800 working-age adults in the US. Unlike most other research, we surveyed a diverse age range, allowing for new insights about the similarities and differences between generations. What job characteristics do Millennials find most [...]

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Happiness Comes From Growth


It took me years to learn that my emotions are not caused by other people. To know what Eleanor Roosevelt meant when she said, "No one can make me feel inferior without my permission." As you look around today you will see happy people and sad people. They have created their happiness and sadness by first believing and then fastening, like velcro, onto their thinking. In one of Cheri Huber's books there is a cartoon drawing of a women with her depressed head hung low, and on her shirt front are the words, "Sad but safe." Being a sad victim feels [...]

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3 Surprising Advantages of the Millennial Mindset


December 11, 2014 HR and Recruiting Cangrade Young people these days. They’re arrogant and self-absorbed—with each new generation, researchers have found higher and higher scores on measures of narcissism. The American Psychiatric Association “officially confirmed” that taking selfies (a common behavior among young people) reflects a serious mental disorder… …ok, the one about selfies was definitely a hoax. But many people were inclined to believe it at first. This can’t be healthy. Perhaps the most bemoaned attribute of younger generations is their sense of entitlement. Entitlement has created a generation of lazy, unambitious, and disloyal workers…or has it? In this post, [...]

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The Benefits of Being A Financial Advisor


We are getting closer to another Graduating Class as the Fall semester comes to a close. Likewise, May is the largest graduating class and graduates are scrambling and hoping for the best opportunities. Look no further then a career in the Financial Services Industry. Working in your own franchise with a small number of highly talented and motivated people who have one goal: provide the best advice and service to their clients. Once you establish your self within the Practice, work/life balance is a real perk as this is not about punching a clock. This is all about growing "your" business. [...]

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Advisors Ahead Is Proud To Be Rolling Out Family Matters In 2015 To Address On Boarding a Family Member


Set Ground Rules When Bringing Your Kids Into the Firm By Murray Coleman December 5, 2014 Advisors hear the warning more urgently every day: The industry is going gray, and hiring fresh talent to serve the next generation of clients is critical to firms’ survival. But finding young up-and-comers who’ll fit in well with an established practice isn’t easy. So Mark Suszan, a Raymond James advisor in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., brought his 26-year-old son, Matthew, into the business. Suszan had hoped a merger or acquisition would yield a suitable successor, but after years of searching he hadn’t found the right match. [...]

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Millennials And Their Future Impact


Millennials are optimistic and connected. According to Erica Dhawan, an MBA student at MIT and MPA at Harvard, specializing in Gen Y, and a featured speaker at the recent World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland: “Technology has convinced Millennials that a single person’s voice can make a difference.” She goes on to argue that Millennials want to be coached, not supervised and mentored formally by older generations. Josh Bersin, writing in Forbes about Millennials cites a study by Deloitte and a similar study in India which shows nearly 50 percent of the Millennials in the studies are already in leadership positions, [...]

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Failing To Win


I love watching the one Nike commercial that had Michael Jordan saying, "I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." When observing others success, you see only the results, which can lead to a variety of assumptions: They have the right genetics. They know the right people. They are getting extra financial support. They are more brilliant than I am. Or, they are just plain lucky. [...]

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