Investing in The Future You


About 25 years ago, you might have been preparing to graduate from college and beginning your new professional career. Do you remember what your dreams were or how little you really knew about life and business? The one thing you probably didn’t consider was a hiring manager viewing you as a non-performing asset or as some say, “an expense to their P&L”. By some miracle, you landed that first job and under your mentor’s tutelage, learned the business and are now enjoying the dividends of your hard work. Congratulations, but what’s next? As you begin to turn your attention to the [...]

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Gaining Confidence


John Hayden wrote an incredible book titled, "The 21 Irrefutable Truths Of Trading." While I am only 20% through the book, he had a section that speaks to beliefs, virtues and vices. He specifically targets how confidence and discipline plays an important part in being successful in the market. More so than trading systems, newsletters, etc. Here is what he said about changing physiology to gain total confidence. "If you want to change your physiology so that it is totally confident, then ask yourself a question."Can I remember a time that I had total certainty that I could accomplish any task? [...]

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Absolute Focus


"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." ---- Albert Einstein Einstein identifies something powerful here. The source of his genius. Absolute focus. Absolute focus is the key to all great human achievement. Its opposite, preoccupation, is the enemy of all achievement. Write this thought down, because it can change your life: Preoccupation is the enemy of all achievement. In any activity, preoccupation is the enemy. It's true with cooking, driving, golfing, gardening, painting, anything. Taking ownership is the highest form of focus: It's a willingness to bring everything you've got to a situation. To [...]

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Happiness Is Growth


The biggest intellectual breakthrough in the life of the great poet William Butler Yates came when he realized that happiness and growth were one in the same. They could not be separated. You can notice that for yourself: you are happy when you are growing. And no growth you've ever made has ever been effortless. Watch the nature film of the butterfly struggling to push through the cocoon. You will see effort. You will be moved. You will see the animating force within living beings. Watch the movie "Rocky." You will see the hidden connection between effort and joy. Pay attention [...]

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Learning What Others Want (Long For)


"It is not very difficult," said Aldous Huxley, "to pursuade people to do what they are already longing to do." There's a lot of wisdom in that sentence if we are willing to be with it for awhile. "It is not very difficult to persuade people to do what they are already longing to do." This is a secret that great sales people know. It's also a secret that people who are great at relationships know. What Huxley truly meant was that everyone is longing to do a lot of wonderful things. Everyone has dreams. Everyone has needs and everyone has [...]

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I have repeatedly told individuals that to be creative takes time of solitude to allow the mind to quiet itself. You cannot ever be creative when you are stressed, preoccupied, answering text messages or on the cell phone. The late, incredibly brilliant Steve Jobs did just that and many other inventive people. Do you think these individuals were moving in thousands of different directions when they created the personal computer, cell phones, the web and other items we take for granted today? Management and efficiency studies of the workplace tell us that one hour of uninterrupted time is worth three hours [...]


Self Discipline


We hear that word over and over again when our sports heroes are interviewed. Tiger Woods set the bar very high for the Professional Golfer as his regimen was grueling but created incredible results. Now, the top golfers all follow a similar discipline to get to the top of the field. It works for other professions and for other aspects of a persons life. Only the disciplined are free! Because there is no freedom in being undisciplined at the mercy of the market, weather, family, friends or workplace complaints and bad attitudes. There's no freedom in that! There is only total [...]

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Lessons From A Champ


So I am a little biased. But, the 1985 Chicago Bears were one of the most dominant teams in Football History; right up there with the early 60's Packers. Mike Ditka was the Chicago Bears Coach. Arguably one of the top tight ends and well deserving of his Hall of Fame Status. He was recently interviewed by the Investors Business Daily and he summed up nicely his thoughts on his success. 1) Lesson #1 is to always give it 100%. 2) Never quit at anything that you believe in. 3) You don't get anything for nothing! 4) You work for everything [...]

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Focus and Mental Preparation


When looking at a player's peak performances, it's important to examine some of the universal characteristics of those best performances. This way the player will have more control and awareness about these peak performances and they won’t seem as mysterious as they once might have. These principles apply to school, life and business. In the flow, in a groove, on a roll, in the zone - whatever you call it, it’s all defining one thing. It’s that special feeling of playing like you can do no wrong and everything goes your way. You are so involved in what you are doing [...]

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Finding Your Second Wind


I am continually amazed at some professional athletes who seem to be completely out of the picture but somehow come roaring back to victory. They find that second wind. That burst of energy that gets the momentum completely turned around. From being counted out to celebrating victory. They get into the zone when it counts the most. I have noticed that in my own life. But, I think the key is just giving it a little more just when you want to quit. Sometimes that extra five minutes you give to your project, work out, homework, etc., after you've decided to [...]

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