Success is a Two-Way Street

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A Formula for Helping Millennial Advisors Succeed Much has been written about the aging financial advisor population and the industry’s inability to attract Millennial advisors to back-fill those departing advisors. According to a 2014 Cerulli study, approximately 33 percent of today’s 300,000 advisors will be retiring by 2024. Despite the fact that the average advisor is currently in his mid-50’s, [...]

Investing in The Future You

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About 25 years ago, you might have been preparing to graduate from college and beginning your new professional career. Do you remember what your dreams were or how little you really knew about life and business? The one thing you probably didn’t consider was a hiring manager viewing you as a non-performing asset or as some say, “an expense to [...]

Advice For The Graduating Millennial – By A Millennial

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My Advice for Graduating Millennials Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | May 9, 2014 8:50 AM imgComments : 0 It’s around this time of year that I turn into a sentimental fool over being a college graduate. After all, last year during this time I was listening to the Dalai Lama speak words of wisdom to my graduating class [...]

Why Are You Running?

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"What's the use of running if your're not on the right road?" German Proverb And that German proverb reveals the flaw in the life of the overly "busy" person. This kind of overly-busy life usually comes from an obsession with pleasing everyone all the time. Everyone except yourself. Its starts with childhood. We learn to please everyone and be "good." [...]

How To Avoid Stress

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Dr. Herbert L. Hyman was a wonderful man who I had the pleasure to know. He did speeches for the medical profession up until he was 90 years old. He gave me his tips on healthy and happy living. I thought this morning I would share with you those precious thoughts of his. 1) Don't be a superman or a [...]

Tis’ The Season To Recover From Overwhelm

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So you are trying to finish finals. Perhaps you have to finish finals, you are graduating and then trying to seek employment. Then you have the Holidays mixed in. Just writing this makes me anxious and has me feeling overwhelmed. So what is one to do? Your problem is not that you are overwhelmed. Your problem is an attachment to [...]

You can Do This!

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Many people never allow themselves the joy of succeeding at what they do. They get so tangled up in fears, complaints and resentments that they don't see how clear a shot they really have at being extremely successful. Don't let this happen to you. Realize this: you can serve and help many more people if you are successful than if [...]

The Gift of Struggle

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The Gift of Struggle - I read this and realized that we can all relate to the hardships and benefits of the struggles that we have all been through. There are some valuable lessons to be learned in this blog. Enjoy the read and never, ever give up!!! by Dave Arnold The Gift of Struggle “Hardships often prepare ordinary people [...]

The Difference Between Success And Failure

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I have seen many people fail with good intentions. These were great, highly educated people. They wanted to be successful but something got in the way of their goal. That something is a word called "should." They all thought a lot about what they "should" have been doing to improve their chances for success. While they thought about what they [...]

Information Anonymous

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We live in an embarrassment of information. We are connected to everything. No time to unplug. It's all here. A few keystrokes away. And, the only downside is its intoxication. We all can become drunk on all of the options. Facebook, Twitter, games, blogs, videos, social media; there is no end to where we can go. Two hours later we [...]