Dec 10

Posted by Tim Mushey

Tim uses a sports analogy to relate to sales. While Advisors Ahead believes in learning through observation vs. learning by making mistakes, we all sell to some extent regardless of what business or profession we are in. I have stated that winners are willing to do what others are not willing to do. It might be working longer hours, going above and beyond to service clients, making that extra call or appointment, etc., Many times its just about focus and not the hours. Truly being present while at work or with others. Avoiding distractions by being committed is a big part of success. As I have said before, success at times is just a matter of showing up. Here is what Tim Mushey says about going above and beyond to separate your self from the competition.

In sports like hockey, football and basketball, certain athletes get tagged with the name “perimeter player”. They mainly shoot from the outside, or in the case of football, only catch the ball near the sidelines. They play it safe, and stay away from the “dirty” dangerous areas. They can still score from the outside, but are missing other opportunities to score.

In sales, most well-adjusted reps have the ability to:

Sell more products to their most satisfied customers
Sell to a prospect who has all but pulled out a purchase order number and said “I’m buying!”
Take over and succeed in a territory that is already on “auto-pilot”

That would be described as perimeter play.

What about getting in to the “dirty”, dangerous areas?

These reps have the ability to:

Put together action plans and succeed in getting struggling accounts back on track
Get in front of dissatisfied customers, and fix problems face-to-face
Make difficult decisions to drop underperforming accounts that will never thrive
Succeed in spite of lack of leadership and never make excuses

My favorite analogy for this type of work is always related to hockey,

“Who is willing to go in to the corner, get hit by a bigger player, and still come out with the puck?”

The perimeter players, will let up, and watch somebody else complete the difficult tasks.

The perimeter players may still have a long career, but be just average. If you are looking for average, then you must be ok playing it safe. The repeated overachiever, who is always looking to improve never hesitates and welcomes the difficult tasks on route to massive success!

The questions are:

How badly do you want it?


How “dangerous” are you willing to be?

Only you will know the answer. It’s your choice!