I always wondered why somebody never did something about that until I realized I was somebody!

Just one thing today. One act of random kindness. I saw a young man yesterday in a Best Buy Store. In front of him was an elderly crippled man who dropped his bags. The young man without hesitation picked the mans bags up and walked them and him to his car. Then on the evening news, there was a story of a 12 year old boy who has distributed over 2,000 brown bags of food to the homeless. He was given a $30,000 check from an auto manufacturer to fund his ongoing charitable business. One act of kindness seems to lend itself to other acts of kindness. So as we approach the end of another year and get closer to the Holidays, what will you do to spread Holiday cheer when so many struggle? Do we have to wait for the Holidays? Can we do one random act of kindness per day? Can we give a compliment, provide a smile, go out of our way just for the benefit of another human being? In the end, you will get more benefit than the other person. Don’t leave it up to someone else. Be that somebody today!