During this weeks Preparatory Webinar, I discussed purpose and balance. There was an interesting question: How do you balance your life when trying to get great grades and having to hold down a part-time job? I have heard this question at all stages of one’s life and career. There is no easy answer. You must do some soul searching and ask your self will the sacrifice be worth the effort. Does the goal cast the scale far in favor of hard work and long hours vs. lounging or socializing? This is where purpose comes in. Think about any World Class Athlete, a young Olympian, or a successful business person who is climbing the Corporate Ladder, an Entrepreneur building a company or stay at home mom or dad. Self discipline and sacrifice are two critical elements that are key for self satisfaction and self esteem. The pain and sacrifice is nothing compared to the joy and satisfaction of attaining the goal. There are many times in one’s life where balance is impossible or merely a wish if a person is to attain a significant level of accomplishment. But, there are methods to help you get through: a great support system at home or with a loved one, trying to exercise daily, eating healthy, meditation even if for a few moments and getting adequate sleep. I encourage all who are reading this blog to read Dr. Jim Loehr’s book, “The Power of Full Engagement.” Enjoy the journey. Because if you are asking a similar question, you are on your way to doing great things!