A mentor, friend and inspirational speaker for some 40 years has recently wrote a new book titled, “An adventure into your mind – success and happiness while thriving on stress.” The book was written by Art Mortell. Art and I have known each other since 1986 as he began his career speaking for Financial Services Firms espousing how to thrive on rejection. He has coached me and countless thousands. In his book, he has a section discussing how your needs determine your behavior. The real meat in that section is the following point. To be successful requires the ability to communicate to different groups of people (race, religion, ethnic backgrounds, etc.,). After all, we live in a vary diverse Country that is becoming more so with each passing day. Three objectives are key:

1) Relating to people by establishing rapport.
2) Understanding people so you can determine their needs.
3) Helping people by developing solutions.

These three items will help you in business, in personal relationships and in life. I think they are all worth focusing on in your daily activities.