“I know I need to hire someone, but how do I find them and then how do I train them?”

Advisors Ahead’s innovative programs allow Advisors and their teams to spend more time focused on clients and productivity and less time sifting through resumes.

Where do Advisors Spend Their Time?

Client Related Activities: Preparation, Meetings 42%
Investment Management 24%
Office Administration 15%
Revenue Generating Activities 13%
Training & Development 6%
*2012 Ceruilli Advisor Metrics Report
The Resident Financial Advisor brings a fresh perspective when it comes to technology, social media and business workflow.
The Resident by taking some of the workload off of the lead advisor, allows the lead advisor to focus on revenue producing activities that tend to get deprioritized on busy days. Projects, general business maintenance and other activities can be assigned to the appropriate team members.

“We have been in your position and understand your issues”

The Advisors Ahead learning and development model allows the advisor to customize the new candidates training around the specific needs of their practice.

  • Sourcing, Screening, Selecting and On-boarding services.
  • Paraplanner certificate training.
  • Series 7 & 66 Training.
  • Bi-weekly coaching, mentoring and guidance calls with candidates.
  • Mentoring, Guidance and Accountability provided through our Bi-Weekly Coaching program
  • Specific learning modules focused on the Consultative Process
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From our CEO

For more information on our company and the Advisors Ahead Resident Program, please listen to the following presentation by our Founder and CEO, Craig Pfeiffer.  In this brief presentation, Craig discusses the Advisors Ahead purpose, the demand for entry-level advisors, the value of adding an Advisors Ahead Candidate, and the structure of our program.  Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work in the University landscape, career services, social media, national employment search websites; most notably with University professors with keen personal insight re candidates.
Candidates are recent graduates, limited if any training (10% had direct applicable internship experience, about 25% have had directly applicable academic experience)…what they will learn is wealth management framework (they know accounting, finance, marketing principles), effective interpersonal and communication skills, financial planning context (Paraplanner), firm and office-specific processes and procedures, regulatory requirements/licensing. Career is continuous development, there is not stop/study/start but 3-5 hours per week, approx. 1 hr. per day, while living/learning/growing within the practice.
Each Advisor plays a very important role in the Candidates development. Expectations include: 1) being directly responsible for facilitating learning practice-specific priorities, culture, processes at the local level; 2) enable and guiding through firm-provided tools, platforms, policies and procedures; 3) available and engaged directly with regular coaching/teaching of personal/professional development.
Advisors Ahead will initiate the sourcing, we will jointly complete the selection and the onboarding is fully supported by Advisors Ahead through structured programs, content and ongoing Mentoring, Guidance and Accountability.
There are 3 pieces, very aligned with you as a client…1) initial Sourcing Fee to initiative engagement; 2) followed by Selection Fee, only paid if candidate is identified and selected; 3) Success Fee, only paid if you hire the Candidate directly into your practice…of course, adding a team member has compensation costs (which you would have incurred with your own sourcing and selection). We invoice every two weeks for the candidates salary, your employer responsibility taxes and a 10% management fee (that includes our Mentoring, Guidance and Accountability service).

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