Advisors Ahead Preparatory Program Course Work 2014-11-16T14:59:15+00:00
Module 1 The Greatest Business in the World  
Unit 1 Introduction to a Career as a Financial Advisor
Module 2 A day in the life of a Planner/Advisor  
Unit 1 A Day in the Life of an Advisor
Module 3 The CFP Designation  
Unit 1 Pursuing the CFP Designation
Module 4 Industry Leader Spotlight  
Unit 1 Industry Leader Spotlight
Module 5 Complete your Financial DNA Communication Profile and your Business DNA Natural Behavior Profile Assessments  
Unit 1 Financial DNA and Business DNA Profiles
Module 6 Introduction to Financial DNA  
Unit 1 Financial DNA Introduction
Unit 2 Behavior Drives Financial Planning Performance
Module 7 Client Communication Styles  
Unit 1 Client Communications Style
Unit 2 Knowing your Communication Style
Unit 3 Adapting to Others
Module 8 Talent Development  
Unit 1 Talent Development
Unit 2 The Power of Natural Behavior
Unit 3 Knowing your Talents
Unit 4 Productively using your Talents
Module 9 Open Q&A session with Hugh Massie, Founder of DNA Behavioural  
Unit 1 Open Q & A With DNA Behavioural
Module 10 Capital Markets and Investment Strategy  
Unit 1 Capital Markets and Investment Strategy
Module 11 Ethics and Social Media Do’s and Don’ts  
Unit 1 Ethics and Social Media Do's and Dont's
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