Alexis Davis- Resident Financial Advisor

Alexis Davis Photo

The Residency Program was posted on my University career page. After a few rounds of interviews, I was been given the opportunity to continue my passion of Financial Planning in New York City. The support available as I transitioned into this career path through the Residency Program was more than I could have asked for. I greatly enhanced my knowledge on the financial industry as well as the role and responsibilities as a financial advisor. I had the privilege to work on numerous financial plans with my mentor as well as speak with numerous advisors in regards to different financial data inputs. Advisors Ahead has gone above and beyond to help me become successful in such a competitive industry.” 

Alexis is a recent college graduate of Stockton University in NJ. She graduated with a degree in Business Studies with a concentration in Financial Planning while acting as the Vice President of Finance for the Accounting and Finance Society at Stockton. She is completing her Residency in New York City.