Wishing removes me! From what is going on now! It takes time out of the real world and puts me in some intoxicated dream state. Like the cobra and the mongoose, I become frozen with hope and fear. I cannot act.

But for getting the results I want, nothing beats action. Nothing. Can you think of anything? There is nothing. When we were young, stories and movies fueled our fantasies which made wishing and hoping seem like a positive exercise. Think of all your old heroes. They lit us up and made us seem like we were all Superman. But now that we are living the lives we once only imagined, we find that anything that activates wishing, hoping and pining away just catapults the mind into stress and fatigue. Once we are in that state of mind, we become overwhelmed and that keeps us from that one fresh, clean action that would solve everything. But, once we are in action, the world changes. The past and the future melt away. What are you putting off? What do you need to do “today?” Action!