* Happy people are a bigger help to others than worried people.
* An overly empathetic person creates a poor relationship with time and energy. A warrior of time does not ask, “How do I feel?” but rather “How can I help?”
* One hour of planning saves three days of confusion!
* Procrastinators are very worried about things. Soon they don’t have much of a mind left. Because their mind has been eaten up by parasites called unfinished business. The
final step in solving problems is to make certain you complete what you have started.
* Goethe once said, “Live dangerously and you live right.”
* Problems don’t age well.
* There is no reason why you can’t have the best life while on this earth. No one stops you, but you!
* Mother Theresa once stated, ” Never let anyone come to you without coming away beter and happier.”