Investor’s Business Daily had a wonderful section on the personal sales touch in its August 26, 2014 edition. The article mentioned that while digital and social media have had enormous impact, the personal touch is still mandatory. They had 8 rules that I felt had merit for today’s blog. They are:
1) Earn Trust: Be authentic, humble, honest and show the right amount of professional vulnerability.
2) Provide Solutions: The No. 1 job of any sales professional regardless of industry is to solve the customers problems.
3) Use Stories: Sales fall into categories such as illustrations, analogies, metaphors and visual aids.
4) Be Deliberate: Don’t just merely spew facts or be a data dump.
5) Customize: Leaders must shape salespeople’s skills and attitudes so they can execute a company’s game plan.
6) Dig Deep: A fact that’s woven in a narrative- rather than just being stated – has much better chance of being remembered.
7) Teach: You need disciplined hiring approaches linked to strategy, focused training and market-right organizing principles that help people broaden their skills.
8) Get Out: As Sam Walton once said, “There are not many customers at headquarters!”